small freshmaker
Duration: approx. 50 minutes (including subsequent rest) An intense facial treatment with cleansing, deep cleaning, eyebrow correction, moisture hydrolate and vitamin treatment, eye and lip care, face- neck- cleavage massage for the end a day care coordinated on here skin picture.
€ 79
Bleiche Vital
Duration: approx. 80 minutes (including subsequent rest) Beginning with facial cleansing, peeling, depth cleansing, eyebrow correction, calming and milk curd mask, moisture hydrolate, vitamin care capsule, eye and lip care, relaxed head and facial massage with brush strokes, hand massage and day care; A holistic, pleasant treatment for body, mind and soul.
€ 120
Bleiche cosmetics regenerative
Duration: approx. 80 minutes (including subsequent rest) Beginning with soft facial cleansing, clarifying brush peeling, in-depth cleansing, eyebrow correction, hydrating mask with high-quality plant essences, stimulating mask for purification and calming of the skin, nurturing hand pack and massage , basing vitamin capsule, eye and lip care. Relax with a pleasant neck-, décolleté and facial massage and you will listen tales about “Spreewälder Lutkis”, ghost lights and other magical “Spreewald” characters. The cosmetics will be completed with a light day cream.
€ 140
Bleiche cosmetics relaxation
Duration: approx. 80 minutes (including subsequent rest) Coordinated care products and body treatments ensure a fresh, radiant appearance of your skin. Particular attention is paid to cleavage & eyes. Gentle facial cleaning, mineralizing peeling, regenerating moisturizing, hand massage with nourishing pack. Intensive care for your décolleté with thermo mask, eye massage with cooling gemstones and restorative eye care, vitamin cure, soothing massage for décolleté, face, neck and head area, light day care.
€ 135
Dr. Hauschka Facial treatment
Duration: approx. 110 minutes (including subsequent rest) The original Dr. Hauschka Nursing ritual in which targeted impulses are set up, stimulating the natural activity of the skin for regeneration and natural balance. With this high-quality treatment not only the face, but the whole body is included and harmonized.bookable on request:Luxury treatment, revitalization treatment, cleansing treatment, special treatment for impure, inflammatory skin
€ 155
Facials for men
Duration: approx. 50 minutes (including subsequent rest) Individual facial treatment with deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, care, relaxing head and facial massage and a small salt bag for resting afterwards. Day care for men's skin, an all-round programme for the man
€ 79
facial treatment for young guests up to 16 years
Duration: approx. 50 minutes (including subsequent rest) Depending on the needs of the skin, gentle care substances are selected that ensure a balanced skin appearance. Facial cleansing, exfoliation, cleansing, care pack, face massage, lip and eye care and eyebrow correction on request
€ 70
Bleiche facial treatment
€ 135